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Does Money Lender Directories Means Good or Bad

What is a money lender directory?

A money lender directory consolidates all the sources of professional and dependable licensed money lender, to give the convenience of allowing you to compare and select your money lender easily. You are encouraged to check the customer reviews carefully to help you shortlist your desired money lender.

How do you begin shortlisting your preferred money lender?

The first step is really to remove those unlicensed money lenders. You can distinguish between a licenced and unlicenced money lender easily as:

  • Licenced money lenders do not send SMS / Whatsapp / Telegram messages to solicit you
  • Licenced money lenders do not call you on the phone to invite you take up loans
  • Licenced money lenders do not perform bank transfer
  • Licenced money lenders do not hide their company & licence registration numbers

The second step to shortlist your money lender is to gather a list of licenced money lenders, who have strong customer reviews, attractive rates within your expectations and good customer service that is willing to assist you with any refinance or early payment plans, whenever there is a change in your needs for the loan.

How can a money lender directory help save your time?

Money lender directory acknowledges the importance of shortlisting only reliable and trustworthy, licenced money lender to save your time. Most necessary research has been completed by the directory owner so you are assured that the shortlisted money lenders within the directory are dependable.

Customer reviews are made available on the money lender directory thereby allowing you to know what other customers feel about the particular money lender. Nothing is more valuable than listening to other customers’ feedback, who took loans from these money lenders before.

Useful tips, blogs and advice are generally shared through the money lender directory as well. These information are aimed at helping you maneuver through your financial difficulty, with the help from a trustable money lender, and educate you to better manage your finances moving forward.

Best Money Lender Directory in Singapore

This money lender directory has been setup with the goal of helping you save time in identifying and shortlisting the right money lender for you. Besides putting in vast amount of time to screen for the dependable licenced money lenders in Singapore, we show you genuine customer testimonials so you can have a stress-free experience from securing your first loan, to refinancing or perhaps completing the loan payback process.

We maintain unbiased and useful tips & information on our website to help enhance your experience in selecting the right licenced money lender in Singapore.

Licenced Money Lender vs Banks in Singapore

Banks in Singapore have been consistently ranked as the most stable banks in the world, and in winning as well as maintaining these awards, unfortunately they became very strict in their loans process, and typically people with weak credit ratings are quite likely to be rejected. Banks are too risk averse so a lot of time when you are experiencing bad financial conditions, their doors are probably shut away from you.

Licenced money lenders on the other hand, are there to cater to this group of people who need loans to help them get through the temporary financial distress situation. Moreover, due to less bureaucracy, licenced money lenders are usually more flexible in their packages and offerings, thereby allowing you to make the most out of the loan.

Check out our reviews today! Please be assured that all money lenders listed are officially licensed under the Registry of Moneylenders and comply with every regulation of the Singapore Moneylenders act.